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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I buy my frames without lenses?

A: The majority of our frames are sold so you can add your prescription lenses to them. We are a full service eye care store and provide both a full range of quality frames and prescription lenses.

Q: What if my frames aren't in stock?

A: While we carry a full stock of frames styles, we can special order many other frames when necessary.

Q: Do you sell RX Sunglasses?

A: Yes, bring your prescription from your doctor or be examined in our office and we will suggest prescription sunglasses that are suitable for your needs and desires.

Q: Do you sell scratch resistant lenses?

A: Yes, we sell some of the highest quality and latest products featuring scratch resistance included.

Q: Can you replace my current lenses with new lenses for my existing frames?

A: Yes, we can put new prescription lenses in your own frame providing it has no signs of damage to it.

Q: Progressive lenses, Bi-Focals, what are the differences and how do I know what's best for me?

A: For the eyeglass wearers needing some type of multifocal providing prescriptions for
both near (reading 12” to 14”) and far (driving, movies, TV 15’ or more) progressive
power lenses have become the best choice for most people. Progressive power lenses
provide vision at all distances including arm’s length at which most of us use our
computers, tablets and smart phones.
A small percentage of people prefer bifocals but they do not have an arm’s length
prescription included in them proper for computer, tablets and smart phones.

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Q: I'm unsure whether to get contact lenses or eyeglasses or both. What are the benefits?

A: Contact lenses generally provide better peripheral vision and free you of that behind
the glasses feeling. Today’s modern contacts can provide most patients comfort similar
to not wearing lenses at all and usually with vision equal to and sometimes better than
All contact lens wearers need glasses for the times you may not be wearing contacts.
First thing in the morning, last thing at night. On a rare occasion an eye infection or
irritation may make it necessary to discontinue contacts for some period.

Q: Where do I start when considering contact lenses?

A: The first step in considering contact lenses is to have a complete eye exam.
With no contraindications to contacts a contact fitting appointment will be made to start
contacts fitting for you.
We offer exams and fitting by appointment right in our office.

Still have questions? Call us today. (203) 488-9900 

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